“Tango Groove” Hernández

After recording “Salduba” with CHE CAMERATA -an album highly regarded by the critics for its adventurous blend of Tango, Jazz and Flamenco- Ariel Hernández  now follows a long stretch of musical experimentation with “Tango Groove” -his first solo album- which was recorded entirely in Madrid.


Listen to three tracks from the album !
03 Clarens

06 Broken Tango


 Tracklisting :
  • 1-Toto (3:17)                                                 6-Broken Tango 3.05
  • 2-Barrio Maravillas (4:05)                             7-Magic Sound   4.43
  • 3-Clarens: (5:02 )                                         8-La Milonga de Antucho
  • 4-Malasaña (5.02)                                        9-Label
  • 5-Bye mom  (3.44)
Album Credits:
  • Written by Ariel Hernández except for:
          “Magic & Sound” (Ariel Hernandez and Lila Horovitz)
           ”Bye Mom” and “Clarens” (Ariel Hernandez y Jacobo Aguirre)
  • Recorded at:  ”Infinity”(Madrid) “Estudio uno” (Madrid)
  • Mixed: “La Trinchera” (Madrid) and “Magic & Sound” (Estepona – Málaga)
  • Ariel Hernandez: Bandoneón
  • Lila Horovitz: Double Bass
  • Juan Cruz Peñaloza: Piano
  • Ana Hernández: Violín
Additional musicians:
  • Sebastian Barbui : Electric Guitar (“totó”- “Label”)
  • Chico Fargas: Percussion
  • Nico Roca: Drums (“Bye Mom”)
  • Jacobo Aguirre Fiestas: programming
Musical Director: Ariel Hernández
Arrangements: Ariel Hernández except for “Magic  Sound” (Ariel Hernandez and Lila Horovitz)
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Jacobo Aguirre Fiestas
  • Assisted by: Martín Martinez – Eleassar Salcedo
•Thanks to  Virginia Rodrigo for her contribution to  ”Totó” and “Bye Mom”
Hernández discusses his new album in this Argentinian radio interview

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Watch Hernández and his Quartet Live!

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